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Website Design for Small Businesses

BeenDesigned is a website design group specialising in websites for small businesses, with hundreds of happy customers who have enjoyed our professional and affordable design services. If you're looking for a website for your business, whether it's your first website or to replace an existing one, ask us for a quote!

Our typical clients are local, small and medium business owners who want a website to improve, promote or even launch their business, something that doesn't take a lot of time to manage. This is why, in addition to creating affordable websites, we offer a full maintenance service for clients who'd rather spend their time running their business and not managing a website.

Personal Service

Once you confirm an order for a website, you'll deal directly with the website designer who will be building your website. If you have any questions, you'll be able to contact your designer directly. Designers only work on one website design at a time, and we don't accept more work than we can comfortably manage.

Each new website we design is created by a single designer, who works with you to ensure your website does exactly what you want it to do. Our designers listen to what clients want and need, and take personal pride in ensuring that their designs are effective.

Low maintenance websites

We know that whether you own a big or small business or work as a sole-trader, you'll want to spend your time managing your business, not your website. Very few clients want to spend their time choosing and managing website hosting, or getting involved with website maintenance, security or backups. In most cases they just want a website that works. That's why we offer a full maintenance service.

We do it all

We created our maintenance services to take care of the needs of the average small business. We take care of website hosting, website maintenance, website security and backups, and even offer a page update service, meaning when you need to change or add things to your website, we do it for you. We offer this to all clients whether your site is a simple HTML website or a complex WordPress-based eCommerce site.

Get a Quote

If you need a website for your business, ask us for a quote!

Design Examples

If you'd like to see examples of some of our work, have a look at our Portfolio page. Rather than only show recent designs, our portfolio includes a selection of website designs, some old, some new. With our backgrounds in teaching management and ongoing involvement in pet welfare, we've probably created more websites for private schools, language teachers, boarding kennels, catteries and various animal welfare groups, but our clients also include hotels and holiday accommodation groups, conventional shops, online shops, private membership websites and even a news website. Basically, no matter what type of website you want, we can help!